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Basics of Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Basics of Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Intensive outpatient treatment is a wonderful addiction treatment option for individuals who have already undergone inpatient detox and treatment, and need additional support. Although the clients do not spend 24/7 within the treatment facility, they still spend enough time to get support and build the sober living strategies they need to succeed.  What is Intensive Outpatient Treatment? Participating in an intensive outpatient treatment program is not a light decision, it is a major step towards sobriety. Intensive outpatient treatment does not

Staying Motivated During Sober Living; Sobriety Options

Staying Motivated During Sober Living

Choosing to enter sober living can be an intimidating choice, but it’s a step towards a better future. One of the many things people in addiction recovery struggle with in sober living is staying motivated. The sober journey is not linear, and will have bright days and duller moments, but it’s important to keep your eyes set on your goals. We’ve laid out some of our best advice for staying motivated and on the right track during sober living. Take Control