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The Sobriety Options Drug and Alcohol Rehab Admissions Department is available 24 hours a day to help you or a loved one learn more about treatment programs available at our locations. We maintain 7 facilities in all and those locations can help you or a loved one throughout the continuum of care from detox to residential treatment as well as outpatient care. We help our clients verify their insurance benefits, find the best possible treatment programs and make travel arrangements to and from care.

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Sobriety Options‘ Drug and Alcohol Rehab Admissions Department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year ready to help you or your loved one. If you would like more information about treatment programs or if you have questions about your insurance, locations or travel to and from our locations, the best way to get in touch with us is to give us a call.

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The Heart and Soul of Our Service & Mission


Our Admissions Team is the first point of contact with the clients we serve. In total, we’ve helped over 3,000 people navigate the process of getting into the highest quality licensed and accredited drug and alcohol treatment programs available. They help our clients verify insurance benefits, learn more about our numerous locations and programs, schedule initial assessments and even help you with travel arrangements to and from your home to ours.


Sobriety Options refers clients to our locations that are accredited by the Joint Commission, the highest standard of accreditation in the healthcare space and each facility exceeds the standards for staffing and state licensure.

Our locations offer treatment programs focused on the unique needs of men. In the Men’s rehab program, the clinical staff offers men’s group therapy and individual sessions with an emphasis on relapse prevention.

The women’s rehab program offered at our locations focus on the unique needs and challenges that women face in their journey towards lasting recovery. These programs focus on empowerment and healing in a gender sensitive environment.

The drug and alcohol detox program is a cornerstone of a comprehensive treatment strategy, especially for those addicted to alcohol, opioids and benzodiazepines. Our locations offer medically assisted detox and round-the-clock care and monitoring.

After the completion of a detox program, and by recommendation of medical and clinical staff, some clients in our locations are offered the option of ongoing Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). Under the supervision of medical professionals experienced in addiction medicine, our clients are offered FDA approved medication to reduce cravings and block the effects of opioids and alcohol in addition to ongoing counseling including group and individual sessions.

A significant percentage of those suffering from addiction to alcohol or other substances of abuse also suffer from mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, bi-polar disorder or other mental illnesses. That’s why our locations offer a dual-diagnosis treatment program to address both substance abuse issues and underlying mental illness. Addressing both gives clients the greatest possibility of long-lasting sobriety.

Our residential treatment programs are ideal for those seeking treatment for the first time and for those returning to treatment after relapsing. Our locations offer inpatient treatment options featuring world-class medical and clinical staff members offering a wide variety of treatment modalities in upscale living environments featuring gourmet meals and frequent excursions.

Once you complete the inpatient portion of treatment at one of our locations, you will be referred to aftercare programs that will help you or your loved one learn to live in sobriety and recovery long term. This could be in the form of an intensive outpatient program with a sober living component. Sober living environments are crucial for those just out of inpatient programs because they foster a supportive, understanding environment minimizing the likelihood of relapse.


In addition to helping our clients learn more about and get into the highest quality drug and alcohol rehab programs, we’re also a publisher of recovery related news, content and media.


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