Family Therapy Program

Family Therapy Program

Family Therapy ProgramFamily therapy is an exceedingly effective method of helping those in treatment and their loved ones learn to empathize, support and live with each other after a traumatic event, during times of stress or when one member of the family suffers from substance use disorder or a mental health disorder. In our programs, our clinicians make family therapy available to those who are interested and willing because it yields tremendous benefits for patients and family members while improving the chances of long-term, positive outcomes for patients.


According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, in their manual, Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Family Therapy,

“All family counseling approaches for SUD treatment reflect the principles of systems theory. Systems theory views the client as an embedded part of multiple systems—family, community, culture, and society. Family counseling approaches specific to SUD treatment require SUD treatment providers to understand and manage complex family dynamics and communication patterns. They must also be familiar with the ways family systems organize themselves around the substance use behaviors of the person with an SUD. Substance misuse is often linked with other difficult life problems— for example, co-occurring mental disorders, criminal justice involvement, health concerns including sexually transmitted diseases, cognitive impairment, and socioeconomic constraints (e.g., lack of a job or home). The addiction treatment field has adapted family systems approaches to address the unique circumstances of families in which substance misuse and SUDs occur.”

Family therapy isn’t only beneficial in the treatment of substance abuse, it has also been shown to deliver positive outcomes for those suffering from a wide variety of mental health disorders including, but not limited to, schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, personality disorders and eating disorders.


About Our Family Therapy Programs


Clinical staff and counselors at our 7 sister facilities are promoters of family therapy and it’s benefits. If conducted correctly, the outcomes are amazing. For example, research shows that 90% of those involved in family therapy indicate improved emotional states and over 70% feel improved physical health. There are, however, some understandable ground rules for participants in family therapy. Participants should all be willing; none should attend if they really don’t want to be there. Every participant should be willing to freely share their thoughts, emotions and experiences with all of the participants and the therapist as well. Conducted correctly, with willing participants, family therapy helps both patients and family members re-integrate after treatment is over.


About Our Locations Offering Family Therapy Programs


Our 7 facilities are located right outside of San Diego, CA in the city of Murrieta which was voted one of the safest cities in America. They are located a short distance from Southern California beaches, mountains and the desert, all popular destination spots for family members interested in attending family therapy. Each facility is upscale featuring gourmet food and weekly outings with staff members. Best of all, the medical, clinical and counseling staff members have over 100 years of collective experience in practicing family therapy.


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